Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorship

Unlike the USA, high school in Kenya is not fully funded and many families struggle to pay the fees necessary to allow their children to attend high school.  With your help we provide financial support so that impoverished students are able to complete their high school education.

Our students require scholarships because their families have very limited income.  The average monthly income in the Cherangany region is less than $100 per month.   The average working family in Cherangany earns $3 per day.  Families that do not have employment live off the land to provide food for their family.

The cost for an entire year of education, training, gear and travel to races is $1000 per year. This includes:

In order to qualify for this scholarship, the student has to come from a family who is unable to provide funding for high school education and attain at least 250 marks on their KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education).  To keep their scholarship, students are required to maintain at least an average of C in high school

While at school the students will be provided with the following:

Once admitted, students will be guaranteed four years of education as long as they meet the minimum educational standards. Promising athletic and educational candidates will be given additional help in preparing for scholarship opportunities and university entrance exams.