Transcend Documentary


Transcend is a feature-length documentary (see trailer below) that follows Wesley Korir from the poverty of his early life in Kenya to the peak of his marathon success in the United States, and then back to Kenya where he risks it all to become the MP of his native Cherangany. It is a story of the elusive spiritual energy, the intense rigor of long-distance running, and the energy that Wesley Korir is using to transform his native Kenya. His family struggled to pay school fees and Wesley was only able to finish high school due to the generous financial support of others. He earned a track scholarship to attend university in the United States. After graduating, Wesley continued to run, finishing 4th in the Chicago Marathon in 2008 despite starting five minutes behind the elite runners.   Wesley went on to win the LA Marathon in 2009 and 2010, but is perhaps best known for winning the Boston Marathon in 2012. His personal best time of 2:06:15 was set in Chicago in 2012. In March 2013, Wesley won a seat as an independent MP in the Kenyan parliament.

Wesley and his wife Tarah, who is an elite Canadian marathon runner, co-founded Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada (KKFC), a registered Canadian charity, to help improve the lives of people living in Kenya.  One of KKFC’s projects is to provide scholarships to talented high school students so that they can develop their running talent while attending high school at the Transcend Running Academy.  Please consider making a donation to KKFC to support our scholarship programs to help “Fight poverty through empowerment”.

To view the full documentary visit TRANSCEND DOCUMENTARY.