Kenyan Kids Foundation

about us

Kenyan Kids Foundation USA is a registered 501c3 charity. In general terms, our purpose is to raise funds and provide support for development in the Cherangany region of Western Kenya. We are a sister (but independently run) organization to the Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada.

How we started

Kenyan Kids Foundation was founded by Wesley and Tarah Korir. Wesley was born and raised in Kitale, Kenya, in the Cherangany Hills. He attended the University of Louisville, graduated with a degree in Biology, and was a member of the University of Louisville track team for four years. Wesley has run professionally for Nike, is the 2012 Boston marathon champion, as well as two-time Los Angeles marathon champion and record holder. Wesley has a passion for sponsoring high school students because he wants to pass on the gift once given to him when his own family had difficulty paying for his fees. Wesley also has a strong desire to improve rural healthcare after losing a brother from a snake bite because there was no medical care nearby. He feels called by God to use his blessings to help his fellow Kenyans.

Tarah Korir (nee McKay) grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. She met Wesley Korir at the University of Louisville where she ran track for four years. She went to Kenya on a short-term mission trip with Wesley in her freshman year and has developed a love for the people of Kenya. In the summer of 2009 she spent six weeks in Kenya where she volunteered in an orphanage, stayed with Wesley’s family and learned how to communicate in basic Swahili. She and Wesley were married in 2010 and she has been back to Kenya almost every year since. She was blessed with a good education and feels compelled to help Kenyan children have similar opportunities.

Fundraising Goals

•  80 students are enrolled in the Transcend Academy for the 2023 school year! Many generous sponsors have stepped forward to sponsor a student.  But we need more sponsors! Please visit our student page to learn more. 
• To build a competitive track.  Currently the athletes train on a very challenging, uneven field.  A competitive track will allow them to train at their best and will provide opportunities for the program to expand.
• To complete a computer lab, staff administrative offices and a new kitchen.

Partner with us to help Kenyan youth overcome poverty.