Transcend Talent Academy

Transcend Talent Academy

About the Academy

Transcend Running Academy was started in 2015 by Hon. Wesley Korir & Tarah Korir. They have partnered Emily & Keith Davis, owners of Fleet Feet Winston-Salem with whom they share passion for running and helping the youth of Kenya; this is what fuels their desire to grow the Transcend Running Academy. Through this partnership they aim to expand the Transcend Academy to help more youth

In 2023, the academy’s name was changed to Transcend Talent Academy.  This program provides life-changing opportunities to individuals and communities through athletic, educational and leadership programs – helping shape the young people of Kenya and the developed world into the leaders of tomorrow.

The Academy provides full secondary school scholarships, coaching, and leadership training for students displaying a natural talent for running and a desire for academic excellence. We aim to further the educational and sporting opportunities for graduating students in Kenya, ultimately leading to collegiate scholarships in the United States.

Children from the U.S and Canada also take part our innovative running camps, where they travel to the mecca of running in Kenya, train with the Academy participants, receive coaching from current and past Kenyan champions, and of course experience the rich culture of Kenya.

Transcend Expansion Goal

Our goals are to help more Kenyan youth rise above the poverty line by capitalizing on their God-given talent of running to secure a world-class education experience. Through enhanced education, networking, and relationships, these youths are able to secure professional running opportunities, employment, exposure and ultimately reciprocate the assistance to their families and communities in rural Kenya.

Our goals for 2024 are to:
* build a competitive running track ($35,000)
* add guest housing so US college and high school teams can visit and train with the students (and provide a fundraising stream)

Our mission is to spread God’s love throughout Kenya by helping eradicate poverty through education, healthcare, and self-sufficiency.